Benefits Of FAR Infared Sauna Therapy


Infared heat penetrates deep into the body's organs and tissues, creating a detoxifying sweat, even removing neurotoxins and removing them from the body.

Decreased Muscle Pain and Tension

Continuous infared heat has been proven to be effective for treating body pain by decreasing muscle tension and improving motion.

Weight Loss and Cardiovascular Health

A 30-minute infared sauna session can burn up to 600 calories! There is a substancial increase in heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate, decreasing high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and diabetes symptoms.

Better Skin Health

Skin appearance improves with regular treatments. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, and burns can improve. It also reduces wrinkles, making skin look more radiant, more firm, and increases skin tone and elasticity.

Improved Circulation and Lymphatic Flow

Infared heat increases blood flow to levels similar to those during exercise, decreasing inflammation and edema.

Reduced Stress

Spending time in a sauna blanket is relaxing, combined with therapeutic facial massage it doesn't get any better than this!

FAR Infared Sauna Treatment and body wrap

M'lis Body Contour Benefits

Restores energy to vital organs and boosts mental clarity

  •  Lose up to 1/2 dress or pant size with each wrap
  • Benefits are immediate and the inch loss is real

Assists in breaking health-robbing habits

  • Provides cellulite reduction through detoxifying body cleansing
  • NOT a water loss wrap- skin and body stay hydrated
  • Inch loss is permanent

Helps stomach return to normal size aiding weight loss

  •  Addresses the real causes of cellulite in a holistic way
  •  Warm, luxurious, pampering and comfortable

M'lis Body Contour Wrap

Detoxification is one of the most important factors in the promotion of good health and degenerative disease prevention. The M’lis Detoxification Kit helps the body to cleanse itself of toxins, mucus and other waste materials in the intestinal tract and major vital organs, improving the way they function.

Developed by a biochemist from UCLA medical center, this wrap process was originally formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow in patients. It was meant for those suffering from diabetes or any disease that inhibited circulation, especially in the lower extremities. Research showed that because of this increased flow of both lymphatic and circulatory systems, the patient also was experiencing cleansing of the tissues. This in turn, caused healthy inch loss through internal cleansing. The body will greatly benefit internally, and the external benefits are Amazing with this body wrap!

Pricing for Wraps/Detox

  • M'lis Body Contour Wrap                       $120

Helps with weight loss, cellulite reduction, and reduces the appearance of cellulite!

M'lis {Detoxification} 

Rejuvenating Body Cleanse                             $70